Landscape Photography

Karen is drawn to the outdoors, and to the wild places and is lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world – County Waterford, Ireland.

Landscape photography is what I Iove. Photographing the world lets me pass on to others a little of what I feel when in nature at its most beautiful.

I often intentionally gets lost in the hope of finding some hidden gem of a vantage point.

Drone photography has added a whole new thrill to capturing landscapes from a new and very different aspect.

Drone Photography

A Drone photograph can tell an amazing story about the location of your property and can show the home’s proximity to desired locations in the area, particularly if it is near the sea.

By taking aerial photographs of the property and the surrounding area, you can visually highlight key points in the neighbourhood such as local schools, shops or general places of interest. This provides the viewer with an immediate understanding of the area.

Karen is an insured, registered drone pilot with the Irish Aviation Authority and holds a pilot competency certificate. She is an SOP holder which means that she can apply for permission to fly in restricted airspace such as close to airports etc.